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Pimp your Start Box


  • add some painting or oil to make the box weatherproof


  • add more switches e.g. for lights

more switches...


  • add frontlights etc
  • add an internal light that shines through the spare holes in the rocket (there is a spare terminal block and a reserved space on the pcb)

volt meter

  • install a simple miniature voltmeter in the box to monitor the batteries

built in voltmeter



  • you may want add a little schotky diode after the fuse to prevent wrong polarity. Especially when you switch to external power it is essential to protect the circuit in some way.

reliability and duration

  • use nicd or pb rechargeable batteries instead of alkaline batteries
  • use 12V instead of 6V
  • add sockets for charging (you may add a switch to switch from charge to operation mode or ensure you do not power on and use the box during charging process)

upgrade to 12V

  • the box can operate from 6V to 12V so you can even use car batteries
    • if using 12V DC the buzzer must have a ~ 4k7 Resistor as it is designed for 6V

external power

  • add sockets for external power like more powerful pb or car batteries etc

dead man switch

  • add a socket and connect an external switch that must be hold down during operation. the switch should be connected between start button and the pcb

limit test current

  • you may want to remove the buzzer or add a switch between buzzer and pcb optionally disable the buzzer to limit the test current to a minimum of ~2mA (then only the red ultralow current start led is used to limit test current to a minimum of ~2mA)

add own features / effects

  • there are 12 spare holes in the panel to add leds, switches, buttons and sockets etc
  • a lot of spare sockets, holes and soldering points are on the pcb to extend the features and use of the startbox
  • e.g. you can add a switch and button to arm and fire smoke, flashlight bulbs before the rocket launches :) or trigger a countdown module … etc etc etc
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