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  • → follow the test procedure
  • → follow the power off procedure
  • remove the key and take it with you :!: so nobody can accidently switch on the box and press buttons etc
  • prepare your rocket accoring to your safety rules and procedures
  • connect the starter cables
  • before power on → double check all switches are in a 'safe' position (off/safe)
  • → follow the power on procedure
  • shout out a countdown of at least 5 seconds → on T-3 seconds move arm switch up to armed position
    • the internal buzzer will beeeeeeep if the ignitor is connected and everything is ok
    • the red light above the start button will light up
  • to launch rocket press the start button
    • the ignitor inside the rocket engine will fire
      • the red light above the start button goes off
      • the buzzer stops beeping

pressing start button, ignitor is simulated with a light bulb

  • if nothing happens after ~5 seconds follow you safety rules to ensure misfire of the rocket (power off box, disconnect cables, wait for a few minutes)
  • enjoy launch
  • → power off
  • recover rocket
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