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Test the box

  • connect the starter cables
  • shortcircuit the end of the starter cable or connect an amperemeter
  • → follow power on procedure

arm switch in lower safe position

no current flowing

  • move arm switch up to armed position and watch the current
    • it should not be over >~50mA or maximum 1/10th of current needded to fire the ginitor :!:

arm switch in armed position (up)

a low test currents flowing


never ever press the startbutton while your meter is connected :!:
this will kill your meter!
even if there is a 2,5A fuse inside the box, this can gracefully destroy your meters!

never ever press the startbutton when the connectors r short circuited :!:

to test and press the startbutton connect a lightbulb or similar.

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