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Safety always comes first!


  • NEVER connect to mains source
  • NEVER use powersources connected to mains


  • Wrong polarity can lead to critical malfunction!
    e.g. the leds don't go on, but circuit will be active!
    there is no protection built in against wrog polarity!
    Please keep that in mind esp when e.g. using external batteries


  • ONLY use batteries from 6-12 Volt
  • Do NOT use 9V block batteries.
    they are unreliable and can fail easily as they are not designed for high current.
  • ONLY use batteries designed for high current and capacity (non rechargeable alkaline batteries are ok)
  • Do NOT use NiMH or Lithtium (neither LiIo or LiPo) batteries.
    They will wear out and break quickly.
    NiCd or PB is best choice for reliability when useng rechargeable batteries e.g. for use with self made copperwire ignitors.


When operating on the rocket ensure:

  • The box is powered off
  • Cables are disconnected
  • Key is removed
    • you carry the key!

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